It took me two …

It took me two days to find the Jewish museum which gives you and idea of how challenging it is to find the 3,000 Jew’s who call Vilna home. Don’t worry, I didn’t look non-stop. Communicating with hands and smiles failed me as I tried to talk with the Russian man at the only remaining synagogue out of 100 that existed before the war. Now there was a tour taking place in the synagogue in Lithuanian to a group of men who looked like soldiers. The woman talking appeared to be Orthodox and was passing around prayer books. Now that wouId have been a fascinating discusion to understand.

Vilna appears to be twalking the line between modernity and Cold War. Some took advantage of the fall of the Iron Curtain and made their fortunes Expensive shops line the street on the way to the KGB Museum (think about the movie ‘The Lives of Others’) or as they call it “Museum of Genocide Victims.’. One thing I’ve seen no mention of anywhere: the Holocaust. As an Israeli woman said this morning: Lithuania has had its share of history, the Holocaust is minor.

So off I go to further explore this land of basketball and dark history. Thanks all for you support along the way!


5 responses to “It took me two …

  1. Marsha Zibalese-Crawford

    The stories are amazing and looking forward to hearing all. Glad you chose to take the trip and then to write a “book” about all that you are learning. Hope you are taping the stories.
    Be well and safe….

  2. My mother’s father lived in Vilna, studied there. I don’t know much more than that, but I’d love to visit.

  3. I thought jews played baseball, not basketball.

  4. Wow! What a fascinating journey you are having. It is great to read about it as you go.

  5. Hey…good to read ll is OK with you and you are finding people to talk to. Great posts.

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