Montreal’s Adventurous Travelers

David Alenadre,Souad, and Clio: Three Montreal Optimists!

It’s so easy to meet fellow travelers on the road abroad. I often wonder why I don’t have those conversations all the time here in New York. Is it me? Time? Or just opportunity?

Tonight opportunity sat across from me in Starbuck’s. Three young travelers from Montreal in need of a phone to check on accomodations for the night. In town for the New Year’s weekend, they had come without housing, just their sense of adventure and good humor. And they are certainly full of humor, personality, and grace.

We sat and chatted and searched for over 30 minutes. I lived vicariously through their search that hovered between optimism and desperation. Clio, though, felt like it would all work out and of COURSE it did.

Chanceux dans sa malchance:  To find luck in your misfortune.  Souad’s (Swaad would be the pronunciation) comment in French.

And yes, they found a great – and inexpensive place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and they have promised to share more of their weekend’s luck.  Something tells me they will have a great 2012!


3 responses to “Montreal’s Adventurous Travelers

  1. What a great post! OK…it’s not European Jews, but the tie in is the human spirit, both in the pioneering spirit of the travelers and in the kindness of strangers (you Linda, the stranger in Starbucks and the folks who rented them the room). As Anne Frank said, “people really are good at heart”. Of course I paraphrase wildly.
    May we all find the good in people as 2012 dawns—whether we are being the “good” or receiving it. Happy New Year!

  2. Linda, hope you are enjoying the new year! It’s way overdue but here’s what happened next:
    Expecting to meet with our host, we made our way out to Bk and had a well deserved cider at a local bar with wifi. We were waiting for her to send us the adress but instead received a terrible surprise: the host cancelled the invitation saying neither she nor her roommate were in town rendering our stay at their place impossible. David and I were devastated (and pretty pissed off!) but we could not give up. I wrote a plea on Facebook and hoped for the best. 10 minutes later my friend (who had originally invited us to stay with him but had not gotten in touch with me) responded and we had a place to stay! We could not have hoped for a more welcoming, warm and fun space to celebrate the new year! Meeting you was such a lovely gift, we all were uplifted by that connection. Thank you! xo Clio, Souad and David-Alexandre

    • Clio,
      I’m dizzy just thinking about how quickly you (a) found that (later cancelled) room and how you used facebook to find new beds for you and David! Bravo to you for demonstrating the power of cyberspace. Our conversation reminded me that the world is full of bright, interesting, open people – a mutual gift! The next time any of you are in town, let me know (and can you teach me how to use facebook?).

      Travel well in 2012!

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