Multi-faceted Jerilyn: Recreating Identity Perfection

What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about someone you thought you knew recently?

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve unveiled about yourself?

Think of people you know: from work, a social group, church or synagogue, or family. How well do you know them? Or as Charlotte in TV’s “Sex in the City” asked: “How well do we really know anyone..?”

According to John Godfrey Saxe’s (1816 – 1887) version of the famous Indian legend, getting to know people takes exploration. My favorite reminder is the

Sufi tale of the Elephant and the Blind Men. If you don’t it, read it for great analagies to so many life situations

Sufi tale of the blind men and the elephant.

There’s more to a person’s identity than meets the eye, as ‘seen’ by these six explorers.

Let’s face it’s easy to apply generalizations to someone, even if our belief is flattering. Take my friend and colleague: Jerilyn WillinL  Speaker/Writer/Adventurous Fiction, Inspiring Self Help

You can learn better business practices in one of her leadership development classes, achieve your goals as her coaching client, or listen and be inspired by one her speaker presentations.  She comes across as what I describe as “all business”.   You may think you know her.   Think again.

To start: Dig deep. In fact deep, deeper and deeper still!  Jerilyn’s  co-written journal  journey for people to explore professional and personal life potential and focus. (Sign up for her email prompt for deep thought and conversation: .  New quotes and deep digging questions are sent weekly and will spark your creative juices.)

Digging deep and  listening beneath the surface reveals glimmers not captured by  the boardroom or office cubicle.  Identity, afterall,  is about sharpening and polishing personal facets at the surface and below.  Some of those facets are easily recognized and  ready to be unearthed and exhibited.  Others take lots more elbow grease to unveil identity perfection.

Ever notice how people sparkle when their identity is polished.  It’s more than charisma – it’s magic!  Without a doubt, identity is ROMANCE.

How do you get find the romance in management consulting? (No federal workplace laws are violated here!)

 I looked to Jerilyn for direction.  Digging deep, she summoned her inner romance, by sharpening another facet of her identity.   Practicing Thomas Edison’s: “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” a brilliant romance e-book  was uncovered.

  “Unless a Love be Free”   is available through Amazon at www.Amazoncom.

This is such a perfect summer – or year-round subway read!

This is a read you won’t forget – or regret!  (There’s a reason romance novels are popular – they really are about power and freedom which you’ll see when you read this. )

Think your identity doesn’t include reading a romance novel?

If so, that’s the perfect reason to read ‘outside of the box’.  I’ve found reading new genre’s  polishs my facets and even improves my ability to solve problems, communicate and daydream.   Laugh about daydreaming, but it’s key to polishing  new facets of  identity.

So read “Unless a Love be Free” and daydream.   Especially if this is your first romance share how this book revealed new ideas for you!

Another plug for great authorship and ingenious selling modes: Garrett Robinson was in NYC’s Bryant Park selling his self-published books including Zoe, a fictional account of his identity quest through travel. Sounds captivating and is available through How to sell your wares???


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